Club Info & History

The 150th Aero Flying Club was formed in 1960 by a group of light plane fliers associated with the 150th Air National Guard, thus the origin of the name. The Club now has no connection whatsoever with the Air National Guard. Until 1969, the Club was located at Hanover Airport in Hanover, NJ. It is now based at Morristown Municipal Airport in Morristown, NJ. It is a member-owned, not-for-profit club.

Licensed, student, zero-time pilots are permitted. The airport’s Operational Rules require that flying club members “…. must possess a Pilot’s Certificate issued by the FAA having a rating of Student pilot or higher”. Total club membership is limited to ensure reasonable availability of aircraft and currently averages 20-25 members per aircraft. The Club prides itself on the competence of its members, and training toward additional ratings is encouraged. Several certified flight instructors are included among the Club’s members. An annual check ride with one of the Club’s designated check pilots is required of each member and participation is also required in the routine care and upkeep of the club aircraft. Check out our Scrapbook page to meet the members at one of these activities.

Costs consist of an non-refundable Initiation Fee, a non-refundable Incident / Damage Fund Fee, a refundable deposit (a.k.a. bond share), monthly dues, and hourly charges for use of the aircraft. The Initiation Fee is $300 (four month’s dues), the Incident / Damage Fund fee is $150, the deposit, refundable upon resignation in good standing, is $1,900, and the monthly dues are currently $75. Aircraft hourly charges, which include fuel, are wet based on tachometer time and are on the

Scheduling of aircraft time is done through a web-based system. All paying members have a login which allows them to reserve time in accordance with Club Operating Instructions (OIs). Members may reserve an aircraft for up to 14 consecutive days for vacations and trips.

Liability and hull insurance covers both the member and the Club. Each Club member is required, annually, to submit a Membership Information Update Form. Copies of the detailed Club rules are available for review. Contact the Club’s Vice President for further information and/or a membership application. If you are ready to apply for membership please use our on-line Application Form.